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prime numbers

Friendly, helpful accounting services for small business owners

Why we love being small business accountants

We’ve spent more than two decades helping our clients with their accounting needs. And, as small business owners ourselves, we’ve experienced in all the ins, outs, ups, and downs that can come with running a business.

Over the years we’ve seen firsthand how building relationships with our clients is integral to their success, through all of their different accounting needs.

From budgets and tax planning, to start-up structuring and financial solutions, we’ll handle everything you could throw at us. And we look forward to doing it together.

With clients like ours, each project is bespoke and presents a different set of challenges. We offer a tailored service so we get to know each business and help work with the owners or management team to help meet their needs.

The other great thing is watching how small businesses is how they evolve, whether through growth or by streamlining and becoming more efficient. We love seeing that change happen and being involved in the process.

We work with businesses across a wide range of sectors: retail, trades, service providers, technology and catering to name a few.

Accounting is about people

It’s a myth that good accountants just have their head in the numbers. There’s a saying that “numbers are the language of business” and that’s true – the numbers are a way of expressing what is happening on the ground. Most of my time is spent understanding both what is happening at a client’s business today and in grasping what their needs and capabilities are in the future. This means we need to get to know each other and build a great relationship with open communication.

Who’s behind Prime Numbers

Charlotte Tucker is a Chartered Accountant and founder of Prime Numbers Initially Charlotte qualified in 2000 with a large multi-national firm in the southwest of England, and later moved to a local independent firm in Edinburgh, specialising in the audit of property, infrastructure and manufacturing businesses. However, her greatest enjoyment always came from working with owner-managed businesses.

So, in 2010 Charlotte set out to work as a sole practitioner, and has been hands-on helping small business owners ever since.

Beyond the business, her priority is spending time with her family. It doesn’t need to be fancy. She is as happy in the Scottish hills as on a Spanish beach or Alpine mountain (unless the midges are out!)

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